Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 30 - My Life the Last Month

Day 30- What have I been up to this past month...

Let's see where do I start?

Boy's finished their 4th and 1st grade school year over a week ago now. They both did great in school this past year.. I couldn't be more proud to be their mama.

My grandpa passed away in May.. That was a very hard week and not a day goes by that I don't think of him... but I do know he is in a better place and we are filled with memories and love to stay with us forever.

I started working for the family business. I am now the secartary , doing most of the paper work. I will do more as time goes on and I get the hang of it more. I get paid by getting us all insurance including dental. So far so good =)

Mariah had her 18mo check up (at 19 months) She now weighs 23lbs and is 32 inches tall. She only had one shot and actually seem to love the doctor we saw since her usual one was booked up for yet another month wait. I may actually start seeing this one since she seemed to really enjoy his presence and he was really good with her. 

Husband was in a car show and he won Best of Show of the whole show. That was pretty exciting for him and us.. We look forward to many more car shows to come with more winning and fun memories with his hobby.

I posted a giveaway this month on my blog (Go check it Out). It ends this Friday and so far it has a great amount of entries. I hope it helps the company out and gets her some business to her site.She really does do awesome work. I love my earrings and wear them a lot. I will be posting more giveaways so stay tuned!

Been having a lot of fun play dates at the water parks and pools here in town. Gotta keep these kiddos busy during their summer vacation.

Got to visit with my best friend last week (She lives in Arizona now). That was really nice to see and chat with her.

I joined my sons school PTA.. I actually am one of next years Vice Presidents of the PTA.. I am excited to be more involved in my children's school and be apart of the upcoming events my children enjoy every year.

What have I missed??? lately things have been crazy so blogging has been put on hold.. I really hope to get more on a schedule and make more time to blog about our fun little adventures..

P.S.. Happy belated Father's Day to all the awesome daddies out there!!!



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