Tuesday, September 14, 2010

REVIEW: Snow White Costume from Costume Super Center

So I was given a chance to receive and pick out a Halloween costume from Costume Super Center . I choose to pick a costume for our baby girl since if I picked one of the boys the other would be mad so easy choice was to pick Mariah's costume for this up coming Halloween.

They had so many adorable costumes to pick from and I had the hardest time picking a costume for her.They have the cutest Disney Costumes .  I finally decided that she would make a cute Disney Princess and who better then Snow White.

I ordered the Disney's Infant Snow White Ballerina Costume  in a size 12-18 months. Figured it would work perfect since she will be 12 months just about 5 days after Halloween.

The costume was packaged very well. Once I pulled it out of the package it was ready to be worn right away. The material was perfect,easy to put onto my 10 month old baby girl. It has plenty of stretch to get over her head and though her arms without pulling or tugging to worry about ripping.

The costume fit her very well at just 10 months. It is a little loose in the front of the dress but she still has a little less then 2 months to grow into it some more. The length is perfect now and I am sure will still fit perfect when Halloween comes. The material doesn't seem to bother her at all..The bottom of the dress has a slip so the outer part does not make her itch or get irrated by the material. I think she actually enjoyed the princess dress. The yellow hair bow I added to the costume which I think made it even cuter. All we need to find now is some tights and shoes to complete the costume.

I figured to after Halloween she can wear this as a dress up outfit for awhile too. She is a total little princess so this costume works perfect for her. Now her oldest brother is thinking about dressing up as one of the 7 dwarfs for Halloween. My youngest son is actually interested in the Avatar costume for Halloween. I would recommend and purchase a costume from http://www.costumesupercenter.com/ again and will probably for my boy's costumes.

They have the Snow White costume in not only infant size. You can see that they have all sizes from infant to adult size. Snow White Costumes

*I was given this opportunity to review this costume free from Costume Super Center and to write my own personal opinion on the product as I did*

Thank you Charles Taylor SEO Manager for giving us this amazing costume to review!!


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