Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Crafty Fun

So you all know I love making hair clips for my little girl.

I have made a name hanging thing for Mariah's room (wood letters decorated by me).

I have made a couple hair bow holders.

Flower hair Clips.

Now I can add baby wipes cover to my list of crafty ability.

I must say not bad for my 1st attempt at it. We attended a baby shower this past weekend and their baby theme is "Bees". So my sister had some cute Bee fabric and I thought hey why not try and make a cover for the wipes case. I carry around one with a pink/black skull covered one.

It may not be perfect but I thought it came out great! We didn't use this one since my sister made one as well.. So being the nice sister I am, I let her use hers but I kept the one I made =)

Maybe I will make another cute pattern one soon and do a fun little giveaway.. Would anyone be interested in a wipes cover? 



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