Thursday, June 16, 2011


So as some of you might remember reading in previous posts, I started working for the family business as the secretary. My first real day was this past Monday and everything has gone smoothly thus far. I think once I get a schedule with all the things I need to do I will feel more organized.

My husband made his office a office/ play area for our children so they have somewhere to play and keep busy while mommy works. We need to take the TV down there and connect a PlayStation 2 there so they can play and watch movies. Mariah has some toys down there too so she can keep busy and have fun.

I am working for health insurance for our family. I had to use it already on the 7yo the other day because he was having some issues with having to urinate so much within a 24 hour period. We were sent yesterday to have some blood work down to rule out diabetes and any other issues. I personally think he is OK since the Dr. appointment he has gotten better already. Although I am glad they ran tests as it is always good to know for sure. Hopefully we get the results and get good news that he is healthy as can be!

I need to get back into posting my daily posts. I know I have day 30 to do still too. I had such a fun time doing the 30 days of blogging. Maybe I can find another fun little blog challenge of some sort.

Hope all my fellow bloggers are doing great... Enjoy your Thursday!!



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