Saturday, December 15, 2012

Adventure Sunday

This year we have been trying to do more "Family time" and Sundays are really our only day of the week where there is no school or work. We normally just pick a place the kids, husband and I would have fun..

We don't get to do it every Sunday as much as we would love to...

Here are a few photos from a few of our adventures =)

Huntington Beach- June 2012

This was a SURPRISE weekend trip.. We told the kids we were driving to California for something and coming home same night.. Little did they know mommy packed up the van with our bags filled with bathing suits and flip flops for a stay on the beach!

Lake Mead- August 2012
Sunday to our local Lake Mead.. We never get bored of short trips to the lake. Not exactly the beach but it will do just fine till our next trip to the beach..

Nelson, Nevada- September 2012
This place was awesome.. We want to get some nice family photos taken here.

Ok here were just a few adventures.. Stay tuned for more fun adventures...


Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Back 2 School

The boys started school Monday August 26th..

I now officially have a 6th grader junior high student Noah.. He really is enjoying middle school.. Not to sure about his locker ( has an issue with opening) & the one way crowded hallways but really enjoys changing classes and having friends in some of his classes. We went & purchased his first ever music instrument for beginning band.. Just like his daddy e will be playing the trumpet. Look forward to all the beautiful and not so beautiful sounds & music he will produce ;)

Isaiah is now the middle man on campus in elementary school.. Big bad 3rd grader now!! His teacher this year is a younger new teacher to the school district. He wasn't so sure at first but I think he is starting to like her & the 3rd grade. I always love to hear the adventures of his days at school as they are always entertaining coming from an 8 year old.

Now that the 1st week is over an now they are onto their 2nd week they will have what we missed all summer.. Homework.. NOT

Well hope everyone will school aged kiddos had awesome first days & weeks of school!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What's going on with Princess Mom of 3

Wow it's been a good long while since I've blogged. So many things have changed since my last blog... Some sad & happy.

The kids are all doing great. Growing and growing way to fast though. Summer vacation is almost over & Noah will be going to junior high next year and Isaiah the 3rd grade. I am hoping to enroll Mariah in some little classes at the Rec center during the week when big brothers are back to school.. (she is going to miss having them home). Boys are signing up for soccer this fall season. My husband will be coaching both of their teams again, so that will make me the team mom :) hoping to find a dance class for Mariah to join as well since she is a bit to young for soccer still.

I've been good. Working a lot more now and getting ready to work with the school PTA again this upcoming year. Husband and I are good too.. Wish we could have a little mommy & daddy time but very grateful for the time we do get together and with our babies.

This April we lost a very important man in our lives. My husbands father passed away leaving us all heartbroken and sad. With time things seem to be getting better but we will always have a piece missing without him here. He is was such a special man, father, grandfather and father in law. We have been through the ups and downs lately but together with all the loving family time, memories and talks we always seem to come to have our years turn to happiness. He was a very happy person who always made you smile and laugh. He knew just the right thing to say or do to make your bad day turn around and make it better. We love and miss him so much. Rip papa Keith!

We moved again.. That's a long story but we are doing good. Back to the home we called home for almost 8 years if not longer. We could live anywhere and we would be happy though as long as we have each other.

Hope all my blogging buddies are doing well. I will try to post more often and hopefully get back into helping businesses by doing reviews for their companies.

Princess Mom of 3 ---> Francine

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Annual Disneyland Trip-2012

Every year since about 2006 my parents started a tradition on going to Disneyland for two days every February or March (Just depends on school/work schedules). It is a lot of fun that all of us as a family enjoy. You can NEVER be to old for Disneyland!

I usually am like paparazzi every year except this year I decided to leave the camera at home and only use my iPhone for pictures and just enjoy the parks with my kids and parents (My husband had to stay behind this year due to work).

Here are a few I took...

Disneyland/California Adventures 2012 
Happiest Place on Earth

Visiting Mickey Mouse

It's a Small World

Rained on us all day Monday, but still had a blast with it being empty and enjoyed the 5-10 minute line waits.

Ready to Drive!!!

One of Mariah's favorites!

California Adventures

Minnie Mouse

One of the scariest rides, but so fun!


Isaiah's first time and he LOVED it!!

My babies and I (Missing my husband)

Got to meet up with a friend I met on twitter a few years ago..Def gonna keep in touch & meet up next Cali trip!

One of my favorites


Bye Bye Disneyland... Till Next Year

We all had a wonderful time even with all the rain we got on Monday. Actually it was our first time at the theme park in the rain, so we can put that in the books for the 1st time adventure for us.
We hope next year we can have my sister Valerie and my husband Jason to come along too!


Wednesday, March 07, 2012

ZipIt Bedding Review

ZipIt Bedding is a very neat product invented by a mother herself, and with the help of her sister, together they have came up with a wonderful invention.. ZipIt Bedding

What is Zip It Bedding , you must be asking yourself.. Take a look at the website and you to will be amazed with how this product looks and works.

As a mother myself of three children I know a thing or two about children and not wanting to make their bed or at bed time the kids can't keep their blanket's/ sheets on to keep them warm as they kick them off. With the ZipIt Bedding those things can be solved!

When we got the ZipIt Bedding my son was so excited to get it on his bed and see just how it would work. As you can see in the above photo it is blue and has a cute boy design in the inside & comes with a matching pillow case.
In this video (that I am sure most of us moms will understand 100%) you will see just how the works!

So as you can tell this product is amazing! We put it together on my son's bed and he wanted to lay in it right away. He is 8 years old and said this was the coolest, it's like half bed set and half sleeping bag, his words. The zipper pockets on both sides he LOVED. Now he can put his remote in one and who knows what else he will choose for the other.

He said the bedding was comfortable and easy to get in and out of. Making his bed has been easier and he actually doesn't mind making it.

Happy Customer!!

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They have an amazing sale going on right now!

Special Introductory Price: Twin $59.99 / Full $69.99

These products were given to me to review and give my honest opinion at no cost to me