Thursday, June 09, 2011

Day 27- Current Read

Day 27- Currently Reading

Besides books I read to my little princess, and books the boys sometimes like to read to me, I will say I am not much of a reader. I really don't seem to have time or patience to get into a good book. I have though in the past read some good books and wish I had more time to read. Maybe as the summer is here and may have more down time I can get into some good reads.

I do however have a review coming up on my blog for a book called "The Sun in my Eyes". Stay tuned for that as I am excited to get into reading it and sharing with you my review on it.

Oh I am reading a book I won in a giveaway too, now that I just remembered as I am reading it slowly LOL. Its "What to expect in the second year" That is a good read to learn about all the fun things to come with my baby girl.


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  1. Oh, I love to read! I have two books with me at all times. A photography book and what ever other book I'm reading atthe time. I even review books for 3 places! I will always make time to read.