Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Day 25- 3 Good Things to Happen to Me

day 25- 3  good things to happen in the last 3 months..

1. Celebrating 10 years married to my husband. Seriously to me that is a great accomplishment for us and any other couple to hit that milestone in a marriage. I feel truly blessed to have found such an amazing guy to spend the rest of my life with. Finding that special someone is such an awesome GOOD feeling!

2. Getting health insurance for my family. As most of you know how important health insurance is, you also know just how expensive it is as well if you can't get it from your employer. My father in law is going to be retiring soon so I am taking over as the book keeper/ secretary for the family business and will be receiving health care in return. Yes that is FULL health and dental insurance. This is definitely GOOD news!

3. As much as loosing our grandparents has hurt us, made us very sad.. I will say that there was good that came out of it as well. It brought our families together so see each other even if it was for only a couple days. Living in Vegas with family all over makes it hard to see some of our family members. As for my husbands side we had not seen them in 13 months so it was definitely nice to see all of them in Kansas. Seeing family is always a GOOD thing!



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