Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 15: Mood Music

Day 15: Music for my Moods

Like I have said before, I LOVE music.. I listen to music everyday weather in my home or in my car. Back in the days I had a speaker box with an amp because I loved to listen to my music loud. I still love it loud but figured as a mommy it just wasn't something I should do anymore.. Well I would love to have my system again I will say, especially with my 3 kids that are just like their mama, big music fans.

I will start with a sad song.. Sad but actually makes me remember the memories with my grandma Juanita.. I miss her SO much..

Thinking about all my missed loved ones & God

Love & Happy Mood.. Our wedding Song..

Or our dating song

Reminds me of my Kiddos which always makes me smile when I hear these songs..




I could keep going on showing you music that always puts a smile on my face.. Music is my drug.. I am addicted to music and the way it makes me feel..



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