Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Last night I decided to take Mariah to the doctor for her horrible cough she seems to get a least once a month. It is so bad that she coughs so hard that she ends up vomiting all the phlegm and what ever other contents were just consumed. I have insurance on her so I figure I might as well use it right..

Well turns out it is just her allergies kicking her butt yet once again.. breaks my heart watching my little peanut having to deal like this monthly. She is on singular right now for the allergies but they just don't seem to be doing their job right. So next week at her 18mo check up we will be asking the doctor if they can change her onto another allergy medicine, as well as maybe giving her something to help with breathing and the coughs to help deal.

However besides the allergies the doctor said she looks very healthy, which is always a plus. She weighed with clothing & shoes 23.5lbs. To me she is teeny tiny but we shall see what the doctor says next week at her appointment.

Anyone have any quick fixes, help relief for allergies?



  1. Local honey. Like from your county. As close to home as you can get it. It is made with local pollen, making her immune system be able to fight it better.

  2. If she lets you try wiping the inside of her nose with saline solution. It will clear out the pollen. It's so tough what to do with little ones and their allergies. Hope they figure it you know I'm in the same boat as you. Let me know what the dr tells you.