Sunday, August 08, 2010

Kindergarten Graduation

Isaiah graduated kindergarten on Aug 5th 2010. I still can not believe that this school year has gone by so quickly. Seems like just yesterday both boys were starting their first day of school and now in 3 weeks they will be starting another school year. When people say time flies it really truly does. It's bittersweet to see my babies grow, I love to see them learn and grow to be quite the young men but then again I don't want them to grow older so fast.

Noah just finished 3rd grade and and Isaiah kindergarten.

The kindergarten celebration/ceremony was so prefect. Kids singing and getting their awards, with their cute shirts make with love from them and the teacher. The slide show had me tear, happy tears of course. Something about watching my little man from the first to last day in photos and video. He has grown so much over the school year.

He has became quite the reader, so smart when it comes to math and really all of the subjects. I remember always thinking he was going to be the one that would be in trouble for talking to much in class. His teacher would only say good things about him, that he was so helpful, kind to others, volunteer to clean up messes, so polite using all his manners. Makes me happy to know that when he is away from us that is truly is on his best behavior.

Here is a few pictures from the graduation..

August 30th is  going to be the first day for the next school year... 4th and 1st grade here my boys come!!!


  1. Aww your family is so cute!

  2. My (big) baby starts high school tomorrow. I can't believe it! Your boys are so handsome.

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