Friday, August 06, 2010

9 Months

9 Months old ALREADY. Only 3 months away from 1st birthday..

Mariah has always been in the 25th percentile for height,weight and head size. As of at 9 months she has moved up to 50th percentile now in all 3. Her big brother's were really not that much bigger then her at this age so guess it shows no matter how little they start off it doesn't mean they will be short,skinny or just plan "small".

Doctor even praised me on reaching 9 months of breastfeeding. She told me how good I was with her and that I was a true pro.I do hope so after 3 kids ha ha. I am very proud of myself though on breastfeeding. Sad to say I did not succeed with breastfeeding the boys from lack of knowledge and help. This time around I have had such a wonderful support system, which has helped so much. My goal was 6 months of EBF and I have reached that plus 3 months. Hopefully I can reach all the way to 12 months now. I truly do think it is going to be hard to ween her when the time comes..but we will figure that out when the time comes.

Her stats today.

Height 27 3/4

Weight 18.5 lbs

Head 44 1/2

At 9 months she...

Pull herself up

Crawl everywhere and fast

Stands holding onto things

While standing will let go and stand alone for 2 seconds

Says "Mum" and "Dada"

Imitates some sounds and faces

Gives love by opening her mouth to give kisses

waves hello/bye bye (when she feels like it)

Loves to dance when she hears music

Hums/babbles to music as if she is singing

Is afraid of men (strangers)