Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hey Sickness BE gone

Well it first started with Noah and his congested,runny nose, and that lingering cough. Then Isaiah got it. At this point we are thinking allergies with everything in bloom full force. Then Mariah wakes up one morning with eye boogers,watery eyes and crust shutting her eye together. I took her to the doctor 4.12. The doctor said it was a blocked tear duct which is very common in babies.

So we went home with orders to wipe eye with a warm wash cloth and massage the corner of the eye. He also said sometimes/usually there is cold symptoms with this. Mariah had none at all whats so ever. Until about Saturday..Her nose started to become a leaky facet, congestion started and then there was that icky cough. Could she have gotten the cold from the tear duct or from her brothers. Who knows really but all we know is being a baby and sick is HORRIBLE. No medicine just saline drops,baby vicks vapor rub and sucking the boogers out with the what we call nose sucker. I let her soak in the warm bath water twice a day since it makes her feel better.

Today is day 3 of it and she does seem to be getting better thankfully. I figured if she didn't get better I would take her in to the doctor right away as with babies sometimes they can develop RSV or even croup. 

Guess who else is sick now. The husband has it too. If this was allergies I highly doubt they all got hit at the same time so badly. I'm thinking we were hit with a common cold and hopefully I can mange to NOT get it.


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