Thursday, April 15, 2010

Baby Feeding Time

No, before you get all crazy I have not started feeding Mariah baby food yet. I am trying to make it to that 6 month mark to start her on baby food. It however is getting hard to hold off. She is 23 weeks today but won't be 6 months till May 5th (Cinco de Mayo).

I hate eating in front of her because it makes me feel horrible for not sharing. I really do think she is ready to give it a try. Maybe start her off on some rice cereal first and see how she takes to it. I have read that if they push the food back out with their tongue then they are not quite ready.

What are some good choices for baby food to start off with besides cereal? Did you give your baby juice while starting them on solids or just plain water?
Geez you would think I was a first time parent huh? It has been 6 years though since we have gone through this baby phase so it is like starting all over again.

So should I hold off a few more weeks or go for it? Not that I am asking for permission lol but I would love opinions.

Happy 23 weeks baby girl


  1. I did "baby led weaning" with my two; right from the start with my second. Basically, I decided to forgo the babyfood completely, and just offered foods we were eating at the table - just cut up/cooked/served developmentally appropriately - like when they had a good big grip, a big piece of sweet potato or avocado would be on their tray, as they got more adept at picking up little things and got more teeth, I'd cut things a bit smaller and offer more variety in size & texture, like noodles, bread, peas, cooked apples, scrambled eggs, etc.

    Some great first foods (nutrient-dense & easy to prepare & easy for baby to pick up): banana slices, avocado slices, cooked sweet potato slices.

    Personally, I'd skip the rice cereal altogether - its really nutritionally lacking - your breastmilk or formula is far better for her, and it doesn't even taste good ;) it just fills her tummy with empty stuff, know what I mean?!

    Hope this helps. What a wonderful age!

    -kelly (twitter @kblogger)
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  2. We will be skipping rice cereal and just giving K the baby-friendly things we are eating.. probably starting with letting him teeth on apples and have banana slices and stuff like that.

    My husband has been wondering about when to give baby juice, so I looked it up the other day.. basically you should give it as little as possible. I was shocked that between 6months - 6 years should get no more than 4-6 ounces a day (I know lots of kids who just have a bottle/zillion sippy cups full all day long), and older kids not much more... K probably won't drink it very often, we'll try to give him mama milk in a sippy cup when we can with food, it's said to help prevent constipation by doing that, too. < is where i got the infos. :)

  3. Oh, i missed the last part- I will be holding off, even if it gets hard the last few weeks, because when it comes down to it, they don't NEED it now, "under 1, just for fun!" so it's not going to malnourish baby to wait.. and for me personally I will just feel a good sense of accomplishment if i can hit that milestone of a solid 6 months of EBFing. But, you're the mama. it's up to you! :)

  4. Awesome thanks for the input..I kno with our first two we did that as well..feeding them friendly safe food we were eating and that worked best.

    Juice I don't even remember giving my sons much of that before a year. We did milk in the sippy as I think I will try with Mariah.

  5. Oh I def will try the avacodo slices etc..

    and will skip the rice cereal.I couldnt imagine it tastes any good too haha