Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Family Vacation

We want to hopefully take a family vacation this June. We are thinking San Diego California for the San Diego Zoo and Sea World and well of course the beautiful beaches. The weather would be warm so it should make for a perfect trip to the beach. As for Sea World and the Zoo I am not so sure. Warm weather with a baby would that be smart?

Another idea is to take a trip to Dallas, Texas. We would love to go up there and visit with family (both mine and husbands). I have never been there and would love to do some sight-seeing up there.Only negative thing about this trip would be the drive as it is about 16 hours I believe.

One more choice..another California idea..Is to drive up to see the Giant Redwoods.. As children the husband and I both have made trips up there with our own parents. We loved it so why wouldn't the boys (Mariah to young to really enjoy and remember).

The choices,the choices..either way what ever we choose in the end will be wonderful since any family vacation together will be nice...

Anyone with ideas for us for a family vacation? 


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