Tuesday, March 02, 2010

RIP Grandpa Durr

Last week on Feb 23rd we got a phone call at about 5:30am from Jason's mother. My husband got the news that he knew he would get someday but just wished it would never actually happen. His grandfather on his mothers side had passed away. I to have lost grandparents so I knew how he felt and I did my best to comfort him in his time of need. We decided that we needed to pack up and head out of town the next day.

I packed us all up and at about 7pm on the 24th we headed out to Dodge City,Kansas where his grandfather lived. As many of you know we live in Nevada so the trip is about a 17 hour drive. We didn't get as far as we would have liked the night but decided to stop for the night around midnight in Flagstaff, Arizona. Boy was it cold out there at that time of the night,with snow all around us.

The next Morning we woke up and headed out again. This time hoping to make it to Kansas by 8pm there time. We stopped only for bathroom breaks,food,and of course diaper/feeding for Mariah. We made it about 9pm there time. Got our hotel and went to bed about midnight.

We had to be at the house by 9am on Feb 26th. Then we all drove down to the church were the services would be held. The services were very nice. Husband was a casket bearer. We all then followed the police escort to the burial. A luncheon was afterwards for family and close friends back at the church. RIP Grandpa Dale D.Durr

We spend the rest of the day and half of Saturday with all the family. It was great to see everyone even though it was due to sad circumstances. Everyone just adored Mariah and were amazed at how big the boys had grown from our last trip out there.

We headed back home on Saturday evening. Stayed in New Mexico over night and back on the road Sunday. Made it home around 6pm.

We plan to try and get out to Kansas more now knowing the kids did such a great job on the drive even little miss Mariah at only 3.5 months old. We would like to keep in touch with family more and visit Jason's grandmother as well often.


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