Sunday, January 03, 2010

Happy New Year

Wow is it really 2010..Seems like we just celebrated 2009..2009 was a great year for us as a family..Pregnancy had it's up and downs but in the end it was all worth every moment of those 8 1/2 months.Husband's business has been booming lately which is nice..My job was really good to me while pregnant(thank goodness)boys are loving school..kindergarten and 3rd grade for them..Mariah growing to fast already...Sure 2009 has it down's but really what year doesn't..Family/friend death is the worst that is for sure..Loosing those loved ones make it so tough..Rip in my Uncle Henry.Had some drama with friends..well what you would say you thought were friends..Not really sure what happened really but I do know that things have been a lot less dramatic since. I think I can say in 2009 I really looked deep and found those friends who I can truly say are "my friends". Things to look forward to in 2010.. * Watching my 3 children grow daily and make me more and more proud to be called their mommy. * Turning 30..The husband and I both turn the BIG 30 this year..Him first =) * Kids turning 9,6,and 1* Celebrating our 13th dating anniversary and our 9th wedding anniversary. * Hopefully to breastfeed Mariah for as long as possible to her one year birthday..* To become a SAHM again hopefullyI want to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR..may you all have a happy and healthy 2010!!


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