Tuesday, March 24, 2009


* Two weeks from today..I get to go to my first dr.visit..I will be 7 weeks 3 days that day...I'm so excited!! Jason is going to come with me as well. So we are both super excited!
* Been "trying" to organize the boys rooms...We are moving both boys into the same room (their choice). Looking to buy a captain style bed for Noah since Isaiah already has one. Im trying to get all their toys organized and put away...I'm actually making room in the linen closet for their toys..Only keeping.. Any Nascar Toys, Hot wheels,Legos,Lincoln Logs,Star Wars toys and Cars toys. Of course crayons/markers/etc..coloring books...art paper etc...board games. WOW am I even getting rid of anything LOL. My boys have TONS of toys..They are spoiled I'm not gonna deny that they aren't.
* Been looking on Target and Babies R Us websites at baby stuff ALREADY...Just browsing...I can't wait to find out boy or girl though to start buying and decorating the baby room..
* Told work the news..They are so excited..sharing their name ideas with me. Makes me feel good that it all seems like it is going to work out with me pregnant at work.Not sure why I was even nervous about it.
* Noah has been doing so good lately with his attitude towards school and everything...I have been picking him up the past two days after school so I can see him before I have to leave for work.I really think it makes us both so much happier to get that bonding time after school. *Isaiah has only about a month and a half left of preschool. Graduation is in May. August he will start Kindergarten. Wow how time flies.
* Jason is doing good..Business is booming these day's which is really good for the family business.
* I'm doing good too..So far ok..no morning sickness just yet...I sometimes eat and get full so fast that I feel sick..but then I am ok. We shall see how it goes..5 weeks and 3 days today...
* off to bed now...Hope everyone is having a good week!!!


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