Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Scariest Day of My Life

As a mom, being a mom sometimes can be hard. It is always hard for us to see our children hurt,in pain or sick. We want to do everything in our power to help them feel better.. even by wishing we could take their pain and deal with it ourselves.

On 11.11.11 Mariah scared us to the fullest. Being parents now for almost 11 years, I do not think we have ever been more afraid and freaked out as we were that evening.

It all started 11.10.11 at night when Mariah started to get a fever. We didn't think anything of it much as we thought just a fever from teething as she had been putting her fingers in her mouth a lot more then normal. Gave her Tylenol before bed and in the middle of the night since she felt very warm. The next morning before heading into the office for work I gave her a dose of Tylenol before leaving. She had been acting a bit off while we were at the office. On TWO separate occasion's she had fallen down without any idea as to why. She had been extra clumsy and even her brothers were wondering what was wrong.

We got home in the later afternoon from work. We had some snacks and decided to go upstairs and mess around in her bedroom. At this point I had not checked her temperature but I know she was not burning up as she was the night before. (I should have checked). I turned my back to her for no more then 2 seconds while she was playing with some clothes I had just pulled out of her closet. She let out a cry and I turned around...and then it happened...

I went to pick her up as she was laying flat on her stomach and face. I at this point thought she had just fallen on the pile of clothing. I pick her up and she was stiff but shaking from her arms and her face was just lost. I screamed for my husband who was in our bedroom sleeping from a long day at work. I swear it seemed like forever he came in but he ran in right away. At this point I had laid her on the ground and yelled to him "OMG I think she is having a seizure, what do I do, call 911? "

I swear I couldn't figure out my phone that I use daily . Pure panic took over.. I called 911 and the dispatcher let me know how to have her on the ground (my husband had her in his arms at the time). We layed her down on her back with her head elevated. We sat there and watched her go through the seizure.. that hardest thing we as parents have EVER had to witness.

She was bubbling from her mouth, her eyes were like going back into her head, as her little body was shaking. Her lips began to turn blue. The dispatcher had me very calm though and kept reassuring me she was OK and that help was almost there. What seemed like the longest wait of my life was only 5 minutes of their arrival at our home.

By the time they arrived she was already coming out of the seizure. Not coherent enough, just laying there in a complete daze. They checked her temperature which was at 103.5. They checked her blood sugar level which was perfect (thank god). They stayed there for awhile with us to make sure she was OK enough we could transport her if we choose to. Of course we choose to go to the hospital.

Within an hour after the seizure she began to come back and start to act like the Mariah we all knew. Happy and smiling little princess, First thing she did was play peek and boo and give us happy girl smiles. The BEST smiles I have ever seem from her. I have never been so happy to see such a beautiful smile from my little princess!!

She is 100 % healthy and the reason for the seizure was what they call a "febrile seizure". which is caused from fevers. I will NEVER look at fevers the same. Till Mariah gets to be about 4/5 we will have to continue to monitor her fevers very close as to now she could be a candidate to getting them again. This mom will never let her fevers get that high ever again and we will nip it in the booty asap.

Please make sure to always keep an eye on those fevers. If you can prevent this from happening I will advise to do it. This was an experience I wish to never have to witness again or anyone I know have to with their child/ children.

Give those babies an extra hug and kiss every day!!



  1. Oh my goodness! So glad to hear that she is better now. Fevers are nothing to play with.

  2. WOW!! I can not even imagine what I would do. I am so happy she's alright and great job mom & dad.