Wednesday, November 23, 2011

MIA Blogger.. Miss Me

Well let's see you all know we moved into a new home and with that comes lots of things to keep us busy.

We have done a couple little upgrades on the home in just the short 3 months living here now. We changed the front yard ugly rocks it had to grass and two new trees. We still need to add a couple shrubs per the home association. Once we get the front yard all finished and done we will work on the back yard to make it fun and relaxing for the kids and mommy & daddy too.


Inside the home we have not done much really. We did get baseboards put in on the bottom floor which makes such a big difference. We are planning to make the family room area ( since we use the living room as our family room) into a billiard room with a pool table, TV, and decor it with lots of fun pictures and signs. The house is really starting to become more of a "home" for us. We all really enjoy it and love all the room we have now.


The boys are doing awesome this year thus far in school. Noah is in his last year of elementary school (tear) and it has been a challenge for him here and there but I would say he has taken it on very well with his current grades of A's and B's. Isaiah, 2nd grade has managed to continue with his perfect straight A's across the board. He is so cute when he does receive a B on a test or assignment though..I have to calm him and let him know a B is awesome too!

PTA is going well this year thus far.. I am enjoying being apart of such a wonderful thing especially for my boys. So far our biggest events was the Halloween Dance and our fundraiser "Run for the Money" in which we have raised a lot for our school so far.. awesome for the teachers needs/wants and to make this school year that much better for all our children. We have some fun events to come for Christmas time.. Ornament making night with Santa pictures and Breakfast with the Grinch. Excited to start next year as well with more great activities for the kids.


Well  what can one say about work ha ha. Nah work is work.. some days a little more crazy and busy then others. Some days stressful and well less not. I do however enjoy that I can take my daughter with me daily, no day care =) My husband could definitely use a vacation though so hopefully this next month even if just a short weekend or beginning of next year. He works his butt off daily to make sure the company does well and I would have to say he is doing a damn good job. I am thankful for his hard work and dedication daily!


I have gotten SO behind on my blogging. I am sorry to any of those waiting to read a review or post a giveaway. I think I have emailed all to let you know things have been a bit crazy on this end. I promise I will get them all posted ASAP. I am excited to share all these wonderful products and company's with you.. And its perfect with the holidays coming up as well.

OK little girl is awake from her nap so that is my cue that it is now lunch time.. I promise to keep in touch better with my blog!!

xoxo to all and I wish you all a VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!


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