Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Welcome Mr.& Mrs.Torres

YAY BIG congrats out to my cousin Victor in getting married this past weekend to his beautiful bride Marla.

I consider myself pretty close to my cousin Victor..I remember wishing he was a girl sometimes since we got along so well..but then again it might be the opposite sex as to why we get along so well.ha ha. Him and I have had some up and downs in our relationship as family...but the closeness and bond we have as a strong family has proven just how important family really is..

When I met Marla,I knew right away she was special to Victor. Through the years of relationships they can be tough and they definitely went through their fair share of ups and downs but the truth of the matter is their love for each other always brought them back to each other. Nothing or no one person was going to break the bond,the love they had for each other.

This past Friday, September 30th 2011.. my cousin married the love of his life.. the mother of his beautiful daughter Madison and awesome step mother now to his daughter Verina. Marla, welcome to our family.. You and I have a special bond as well..I am glad to have been there when times were good and got tough..I knew in my heart that the tough would get better because I knew my cousin would come to his senses and realize you were the one for him..

Thank you for letting me share your special day with you..I couldn't be more proud to stand up there as one of your bridesmaids.. It was a very beautiful ceremony and the reception was perfect...

Dinner at Serendipity's the night before the BIG day 
me and my cousins Cristina and Verina

The soon to be Mr.& Mrs. Victor Torres

Time to get ready..

Hair & make up..check

beautiful train ...

Bridesmaids & maid of honor getting the bride ready

Little cuties

Mother/Daughter Moment

OK it's time...

Beautiful bride


I was in it so no photos of ceremony just yet...

More photos to come.....

Victor & Marla..

We love you!!



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