Wednesday, September 07, 2011

New House.. Little Sneak Peek

Here is our "New" Home Sweet Home

Stairs (before painted)

Isaiah's Room colors

Mariah's room is pretty much the only room unpacked.

Our Bedroom (Going to add a wood type border in middle of two colors)

Laundry Room (upstairs which I think is awesome because then the bedrooms are right there to put clean clothing away) were not connected in this photo  

Living room area (where we will spend many family moments in) Husband even added surround sound around the room built in the walls. (Still unpacking & decorating)

Family room .. right now it is pretty much more of just another sitting/TV room plus Mariahs little area of play.

Mariah's new house in the back yard..

I still need to take more photos of the rest of the house.. Once we are unpacked and more settled I will take photos and post a little tour for you all. Still so many things we would like to do to the house

* Base Boards are a must
* New doors throughout the house
* More painting.. of door jams in the house to match new white doors to come ( some already painted)
* a couple new fans in the bedrooms and one in the family room
*new light fixture in dining area (which we are not sure yet what we want to do with this space,maybe office)

I am sure there is more we would like to do but of course we are not rushing to do it all right away.. we have plenty of time..



  1. It's looking GREAT!

  2. Indeed. The new house looks wonderful. It's easy to see that you guys would enjoy that new home sweet home. Cheers!