Sunday, June 05, 2011

Day 23: Celebrity Crush

Day 23- Celebrity Crush

Well I will say that I think some actors are pretty cute especially while watching them in certain movies as their acting part. I can't say I have a "crush" on any one male actor at this moment but I do have a few guys that I think are some yummy eye candy =)

Justin Timberlake.. Always yummy eye candy

Ryan Reynolds.. yum again..

Bradley Cooper.. I think it's the eyes & smile

Pretty sure I could list more celebrity hotties but this is good for now =)



  1. Thanks for stopping by and following Life or Something Like It. Following you back via GFC and Networked Blogs! All of the above are yum! And sadly too young for me!

  2. thanks for the follow and the sweet comment! I am here to return the favor and follow you you check out your blog!!! so far I like it! nice to meet you!

  3. I'm on day 6 of this awesome're my inspiration!!!! I agree with all your pics!


  4. Yummm, Ryan Reynolds. Thanks for the follow, I am following back! And if you have a Twitter, I would love to be friends on there as well. xoxo! @shelbylatelycom