Friday, May 27, 2011

Water Park Fun

Today after school I decided to surprise the boys and let them have some water park fun at the park right next to their school.. They have always loved to enjoy the splash pads here especially during these hot summer like temperature days. This was Mariah's 1st time to enjoy as a walking toddler, she has gone a couple times before but never got to enjoy them like today.

All photos were taken with my iPhone so not best quality but you can tell my 3 little ones had a blast.. Mariah was crying when she was told it was time to go.. But she had a fun first time, not a fear at all in the water.



  1. How sweet of you to surprise them like that! It looks like they had a blast!
    We have one splash pad around here and the kids keep begging to go. Unfortunately it doesn't open till monday and it still isn't warm enough to go play.

  2. Aw how wonderful! Looks like they all had a great time!