Monday, May 09, 2011

Day 9: Education

Day 9: How important is education?

I think education is VERY important. As a mother of 2 school aged boys, I am always telling them how important it is to continue with a good attitude about school.

With the way our economy is lately it is so hard to find good decent jobs.. I feel with better education it may be more possible to find that better job. Not to mention with school education you would have a better outcome with finding a career and not just a "job".

With all my children, I will support what ever my children do choose in their paths after high school, however I will always encourage my kids to continue on with their education and go to college.

Our local school district is rather scary lately...low budgets are cutting teachers and assistants in the next school year... I only hope something changes that before the next school year. Teachers are very important in my child's and all other Nevada children's educations..We need them..I give them a lot of credit, they are low payed but continue to work hard to give our children the best education they can..

Our children should NOT be penalized because of our poor economy or poor school district that can't find a way to make sure we never loose our teachers and only make sure they are well paid and help them with classroom products, books, and other items to help our children education in any way.

Students First

OK I am kinda all over the place in this post huh..sorry I don't think I was exactly ready to respond to this question 100% ;)

I would like to think I myself am not even done with my education. My goal is to go back to college and graduate.

So far this school year to this point my boys are doing a good job in 1st and 4th grade. Their last progress reports say 2A's,2B's and 1C for 10yo and All A's for 7yo.

I am a proud mommy...


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  1. Education is so important! I tell my kids they have two choices after HS: College or College. LOL Besides, they need to be successful so that I can be a free-loading granny.