Saturday, May 07, 2011

Day 7: Day in my Life

Day 7: A day of mine in detail

WOW do you really want to know a day in my life? I'm just a SAHM with no life ha ha.. Nah I shall share a normal weekday with you...

Wake up about 7-730am to wake my boys up for school, make them breakfast, make their school lunches and ,make sure they have everything for school that day.

School drop off is at 845am.

After school drop off Mariah and I usually go home and do our normal fun cleaning, laundry, eating and of course watching TV.

Mariah usually naps about noon/1pm. Some days she will nap anywhere from 20 min's to 2 hours.

Every day at 2pm I watch General Hospital, my favorite soap opera.

School pick up is at 3:21pm but I leave my home anywhere from 2:50 -3 pm due to parking craziness and wanting to get a good parking to get the boys.

Then it is homework, dinner, relax, baths for kids, bed for kids

Once all 3 kids are in bed it is "mommy" time to watch some TV in quiet and enjoy some Internet time.

Now this is a normal no plans kinda day.. others days have soccer, paper work I do for my husbands company, grocery shopping and fun shopping.

As well as some breakfast dates with my mom, lunch dates with my mommy group and lunch dates with the hubby and Mariah. Oh and I enjoy to make hair clippies for my daughter some days.

* I should have documented a day in my life with pictures..maybe once the challenge is done I will do that...then maybe it will sound more interesting =)


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    I love your kids names! I only have 1 kid...great insight you give on having 3 :)

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