Thursday, May 19, 2011

18 Months old... ALREADY

So on May 5th (Cinco de Mayo) Mariah turned 18 months old. Yes 18 months old..

She amazes me everyday.. she is so smart and learns things so quickly. You almost have to be extra careful because she watches and listens to everything you do and say. Her smiles lights us up daily, and her laugh is so contiguous that if you were having a bad day you wouldn't even remember why.

This little happy girl here was 6 months old last year at this time...

Some taken since turning 18 months

  • She is ALL girl, ALL the way.. She loves all things girl.. She already has more clothing,shoes,jewelry,and purses then I.
  • She doesn't exactly run yet but she sure moves quickly.. her fast walk is just about a run.
  • Her vocabulary has really bloomed, she tries to copy things I say. Words often said are.. (Mommy, mama,Dad, help me, bye bye, hi, dog,ball,book,baby,diaper,shoes,more,nee nee(for mommy milk), and many more to name them all.
  • You can ask her to get an item and she knows exactly what you ask and will go and get what ever item you wanted her to get.
  • She knows almost all the body parts and facial features (eyes,nose,teeth,mouth,ears,hair,belly,fingers,toes,feet, hands, butt)
  • She knows exactly what to do to get what she wants from her brothers, although not sure I really like her way of thinking (screaming at them) I only hope she can get more vocal to them to stop it soon. Although I am sure they will not like it when that time comes either ha ha.
  • She knows who are more strangers and who are people she knows and sees most often. With people she doesn't know she takes awhile to warm up to them but once she does you will become a best friend.
  • She LOVES to eat. We feed her just about everything now. Of course cut into smaller portions for non choking.
  • She loves to have her toe and finger nails painted. ( told you all girl)
  • Potty training was suppose to have been started on her 18 month birthday but with lots of things going on lately we have fell behind on training. Hoping to get back on track starting fresh Monday.

I know I forgot many things or milestones she is at right now. She has her 18 month check up next week we are excited to see how she is doing on the growth chart. My guess is at least 24/25lbs and at least 32 inches tall. We shall see how close this mommy is.



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