Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Loving Month

February is a very special month for our family. It is a true love month and not only because of Valentine's Day.

Our oldest son just turned 10 years old on Valentine's Day..He was such a special gift to us 10 years ago and continues to bless us daily with his love. So hard to imagine that my first born is a full decade old now..Was it really 10 years ago? I was only 20 and now I am 30.. I was so excited but yet so scared as a first time mommy. He was born 8lbs 9oz and 20.5 inches..today he proves to us that he was not the smallest baby and he sure isn't the smallest 10 year old either.. Almost 5 feet tall, wearing a size 8 shoe in men's, size 14 in clothing (due to height) and about 70lbs.. 4th grader doing so good in school..loves soccer and just being with us as a family.. I love my little Noah bear.. no matter how big he will get he will always be my first born and my baby forever... Happy 10th

Our second and youngest son was born 3 years after Noah and only 4 days after Noah's birthday on Feb 18th 2004. He was our smallest little guy at 5lbs 14oz 18 inches.. you wouldn't be able to tell from looking at him today that he was so itty bitty on his first day of his life. 7 years ago..now a 1st grader with straight A's.. was Student of the month last month, tall and skinny wearing a size 10/12 for length, and a size 3.5 shoe weighing just about 60lbs. Such a chatter box but so very smart. Our little Izzy monster that lights up our life daily with his smiling face and such a loving little guy. Love you Isaiah! Happy 7th..

Happy 14th dating Anniversary to my husband and I.. Amazing to think that our love for each other has brought us such a great joy to our lives..We have made 3 beautiful children that were made from "Our" love. Even more amazing is how our first born was born on our 4th anniversary 02.14.1997. I love this man so very much..He completes me..together we have over come so many ups and downs..from relationship conflicts to family losses to the 3 most amazing days of our lives..the days of the births of our children.. Noah,Isaiah and Mariah. Also not to mention the day I married the man of my dreams,the loves of my life, my best friend, on June 02,2001.
I can not wait to go through the journeys we will go through together in the years to come.. Love you SO much Jason..with ALL my heart..forever and always..



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