Thursday, February 10, 2011

Quicky Update

Wow it has almost been a month since I have wrote in my blog. A lot can happen in a month..well sometimes anyways. Here is a short update on my little family of five.

Husband Jason: He has been good, just been busy working and getting the business more and more work. He works so hard and has so much stress over work but always seems to manage through it all pretty well. When he is not working or hanging out with us of course, he sneaks some time in the garage to work on his project truck. It is coming along..He needs to get the body work and paint done next. I will have to take some pictures of his project to post in the blog. He just turned 31 on the 31st of January. We spent it at home with all of us sick at home. Although this past Saturday Jason and I got to sneak away for a movie night while my sister babysat the kids. It was very nice and very needed.

Noah: He is starting up practice with a new soccer team. We are excited to see how this season will go with a new coach and new group of kids. He is doing good in school..his grades are still A's and B's.. He did get into trouble about 2 weeks ago for talking out of turn, attitude, and giving the sub they had a hard time..It is so weird since he is our quiet one at home, but yet every year he gets into trouble for talking in class.. but we have corrected the behavoir and he is now back on track. On Monday, Valentine's Day he will be turning 10 years old. 10 WHAT? how did my oldest son get so old?

Isaiah: What can I say.. Isaiah is our very talkative out going one.. He is doing fantastic in school, straight A's and he even got Student of the Month at school. His teachers all adore him..He to is getting back into soccer on a new team this season. I am not so sure he is as excited about playing as his big brother. I think after this season if he doesn't enjoy it then we won't encourge him to play again and hopefully we can find another sport or activity he would enjoy more. He turns the BIG 7 on Feb 18th..

Mariah: Turned 15 months old. She has been dealing with being sick too..Took her to the doctor and they pretty much said cold(thankfully). She has been trying to say more words lately.. Still not super clear but mommy knows what she is saying.. " Mama" "Dad" "Help me" "up" "dog" "shoes" "baby". She is so independent and loves to be outdoors. We are still nursing and I am not sure she will ever wean LOL. No she was somewhat weaning before she got sick but while sick all she wanted to do was nurse. We really are not in any hurry at the moment to wean. She hates to have a dirty diaper and goes to get me a diaper when she knows she needs a change..I am hoping this means easy potty training. Still co sleeping but she does sleep in her crib too. I need to make her 15 month doctor appt. Excited to get her stats and see her growth from her 12 months dr appt. She is my little petite thing..Wearing 12 months and a size 4 shoe, she is smaller then her brothers at this age.

Me: Nothing really new to update.. I was sick too..still have the lingering cough. I am going to start getting back into the gym and get ready for my cousins wedding in September. I am going to be a Bridesmaid so got to look good LOL. Well tone up some anyway. I also want to get into taking walks with my daughter daily since the weather is getting nicer now. I do not want to diet but I have quit drinking any soda drinks. I am trying to cut back on eating TO much junk food too but you can't take my ice cream away from me =)

Trips to come.. California Disneyland Birthday trip for boys in March, April hopefully Arizona, and in June hopefully a  trip for husband and I for our 10th wedding Anniversary.



  1. Your boys not only look a lot alike they're b-days are only 4 days apart! That's they find it cool tho? HAHA!

  2. You have an adorable blog here! I am excited to look to see more!

  3. I hit enter too quickly! I am your newest follower!

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