Friday, November 12, 2010

Fabulous Friday

The weekend is just about here.Joined a couple blog hops this morning. Always love to find new interesting blogs to read and meet new people.

Little about me for the newbies:

* Married with 3 beautiful children.. Noah 9, Isaiah 6 and Mariah 1. All my children's names end in 'ah'. Totally planned. As well as all of them being bible related. Mariah is not exactly but it was in a different form of Mary and Moriah so I read.
* Married my high sweetie Jason..Been together going on 14 years next Feb and we have been married now for 9 years (yes our oldest son came before marriage).
* I am a SAHM and LOVE it. I am so grateful for my husband and what he does everyday so I can have this wonderful opportunity.
* We love in the dessert of Nevada. I was born and raised in So.California but I do not see myself ever moving back. I think with even the hot summer heat and cold winters we are here to stay!
* I enjoy taking not a pro just someone who loves to capture the beautiful memories of my children growing up and my family. So you will see that yes a lot of my posts come with A LOT of photographs.
* I have some special friends that I can truly say are almost like family. I cherish our friendships and thank them for putting up with me ha ha.

That is just a little about me... I am truly blessed.. We may not have all the finer things in life but our little family 5 has all we need to survive and be happy.

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