Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lake Trip

Last Sunday we went to the lake with the in laws. Took us awhile to get up there with getting to Boulder City and father in law forgot the keys to boat..back to Henderson. Then there was horrible traffic going towards the Hoover Dam/Arizona.We did mange to make it out there though after at least 30 minutes in traffic.

The boy's have been to the lake many times now,but this was Mariah's first trip there. We took a lake trip when Isaiah was about 5 months and it was horrible.Beginning of July and summer heat was in full swing. This time it is June and we were having some odd weather with the high in the 80's. So it turned out to be a perfect day.

We cruised around the lake ,stopped in a beach area and let them boy's swim for a little while. Jason was in the water and my mother in law handed Mariah to him well he went under a bit and I freaked and thought he was drowning and wouldn't be able to hold her up...so mommy instinct sunk in and I jumped in (I had no intention of going into the water) and well she was fine with daddy, it did get me in the water which made the boy's happy. 

We saw a pack or whatever you call Big Horn sheep in a group of 4. Was pretty cool..you could tell they were trying to find a good quiet area minus people to come down for a drink of water but people were everyone (including us haha).

On the way back to the dock to head home the battery on the boat died..just minutes from the dock. Thankfully the first boat that came up pulled us in and took us to the dock so we could load it up and head home.

It was a very fun,adventure trip. Success trip for all.


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