Saturday, June 12, 2010

9 Months

No not pregnant worries ..Next year the boy's school goes 9 months which means they get the whole summer off. Part of me is excited and the other not so. Right now the boy's are on track break for 3 weeks off of school. They have been doing pretty good keeping busy but then someday's it is non stop bickering, fighting,and telling on each other. I seriously thought our biggest problem was going to be "I'm bored". Guess I was wrong. Now don't get me wrong my two boys get along very well,like best little friends,but they have their moments. Let's just say those are the moments that scare me about having them home for 3 months.

I will have to plan things to keep them non stop busy so maybe they will not have time to do those things. Maybe I am wrong maybe they are bored and that is why they do those things.So my goal is to look into many fun ideas,trips,activities to keep them busy little bees.

Anyone have some ideas? I am open to all ideas of fun things to do with all 3 kiddos. Mariah will be about a year and a half by then.

Another change next school year will be the bus transportation. They are taking buses out for our area because of budget cuts I'm sure (which is another post in itself) so I will be taking the boys to and from school. At least next year they will both be in school at the same time so it should not be to hard =)


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