Thursday, April 08, 2010

Easter 2010

The boys loved their baskets the bunny brought them for Easter. I think even Mariah enjoyed her basket. The boys checked out their goodies then headed out front to see the Easter Bunny had left a lot of hidden eggs out front around the yard.

 Here is Mariah for her 1st Easter and the goodies that filled her very first basket.

We had a rocky Easter at first with our computer getting a virus on the computer and me going crazy making sure I saved all 30GB of photos on my computer. Let's just say that took about 3 hours of the day. Hubby was then grumpy complaining it took most of our day etc.. Once I got home from my parents house after saving the pictures,we all went to the park to kick the soccer ball around.It was to windy and chilly so we then headed to the in laws to see what the bunny dropped off for the boys there. By this time thankfully my husband was in a way better mood. We can home and had dinner and watched some movies before it was bedtime for us all.


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