Monday, March 22, 2010

Working on my Fitness

Today marks the first day of starting my morning walks with Mariah. My goal is to walk every morning after the boys leave for school. Maybe eventually get myself to running every morning but for now baby steps.

After the walks I will do a few exercises here, push ups,sit ups, etc..

I will be 30 next week and well Mariah will be 5 months on April 5th. I would say it is about time I get on working out and getting rid of some of this baby weight I gained. Sure I breastfeed but for some reason everyone else seems to loose from it, I gain. OK maybe I have lost a good amount with help of it.

Before baby I weighed about 130. Needless to say I do not weigh that anymore. I am going to post my weight on here so that just maybe it will help me encourage myself to be even more motivated. As of 03.22.2010 I weigh 148.

I goal weight would be to 130 again. I know after having 3 children I will never have that "perfect" tummy,but I would like to tone up the tummy,legs and arms.

I do not want to go on any diet either. I want to be able to consume what I want and when I want, just learn to not over do it at times.

So day one today.. walked with Mariah for about 40 minutes, then came home and did a little work out here.

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  1. Good job and stay focused!! You can reach your goal, and like you said "baby steps"!!