Saturday, March 20, 2010

30 Years

Am I really going to be 30 years old in 10 days?

Where have the years gone?

Born 3.30.80 at the Marine base in Oceanside California, Camp Pendelton..My daddy was a Marine..So I guess that makes me a Marine brat somewhat.

Lived in California for 15 years.. That's half my life in California. My dad got transferred out to Nevada in 1996 so we moved when I was in 10th grade. That had to be the hardest thing for me. Growing up in Fontana I had all my friends I had grown up with. Being in high school and making friends sure is not the easiest thing. Everyone had their clicks,people they had grown up with. But I managed and made a good amount of friends.

A year later a meet a boy..a boy I didn't even see as a boy that I would someday fall in love with. Little did I know that meeting him was going to change my life..and for the better.

02.14.1997 We made it official as a couple. High school sweethearts is what you call us now. We had our dating problems like everyone does, but somehow we always worked thru them all and found our ways back to each other. Funny thing is our parents said they knew we would be together forever.

06.2000 We find out we are pregnant. No we were not married or had even planned to marry but we knew right then and there it was going to be OK..because we loved each other and it would work out. I would have to say if it is possible our love might have even became stronger with the pregnancy,engagement,and birth of our first son Noah.

Noah our first son was born 02.14.2001 ...we then married 06.02.2001. Had our 2ND son Isaiah 02.18.2004 and our daughter Mariah 11.05.2009.

I want to thank everyone that has made these 30 years of my life so wonderful,so perfect.

I have the best parents that have supported me 100% in the choices I made. Of course there was some things they didn't like ditching,bad grades,some boys I dated and I'm sure you get the idea but no matter what they loved me for me! They made me the women I am today,with the love and support. My siblings have been a huge help to me growing up. I've always wanted to be that person they could come to if they needed help etc..I would like to say that the 3 of us have a special connection with each other..a special bond that no one or thing will ever break us..

My husband that I have been with now for 13 years is the best man I could of fell in love with. He has given me the greatest gifts that no other could have given me,our 3 children. He works hard daily so we can have the things we do..We may not be rich or have it all but really we have all we need and our little family is happy and healthy and really who needs anything else.

My children are wonderful. They teach me new things everyday..They have thought we what it is to really love,and cherish everyday. They light up my life and are the biggest part of who I am today.

30 years ..everyone fears hitting 30.. really? why? Not I..bring it on because if the next years to come are as wonderful as my first 30 years have been then I'm going to be just as happy as I can be and live my life to the fullest and be grateful for each and everyday I get to spend with my family!!


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