Thursday, March 04, 2010

Nevada Reading Week 2010

My boy's love to read so this week at school has been very fun and enjoyable for them both.

Monday was dress like your favorite book character..they didn't dress up for this one as we didn't have time to put outfits together since we got home so late on Sunday from Kansas.

Tuesday was wear as many words on your shirt day..They both had fun with this as they went into their closets and added words on shirts they had to make sure they choose the ones with the most words for school. Noah's class had over 1500 words with all the students..amazing how many words you can have on shirts in just one class of about 20 students.

Wednesday was bring in a cereal box report of your favorite book..Noah did his on a Captain Underpants book and Isaiah on Curious George. They did such a wonderful job on their boxes. They got to do a parade in school to show them to everyone and now are displayed in the school library.

Yesterday was also put a poem in your pocket day.. Noah's read...
Roses are Blue
Violets are Red
If you believe this
you've got rocks in your head

Isaiah's read..
Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Sugar is sweet
and so are you

Today they are going into different classrooms to hear stories being read. Tonight is Family Literacy night at their school as well. I will leave it up to the boys if they would like to attend.

Tomorrow they have a special book author coming in to share some story telling with the children.

I am truly blessed with my boys and I am so happy they enjoy reading. They already have quite the book selections at home and love to add to it. We love to take trips to Barnes and Noble to check out the books. I need to get back into checking out books at our local library again. I need to get some more baby books for Mariah. I only hope she enjoys books just like her older brothers.

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  1. man, I can't believe Vegas does all that for reading. I never did that when I was in school there...
    I wonder when they started it cuz I know in 1996 (5th grade) we never did anything like that.