Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Back 2 School

The boys started school Monday August 26th..

I now officially have a 6th grader junior high student Noah.. He really is enjoying middle school.. Not to sure about his locker ( has an issue with opening) & the one way crowded hallways but really enjoys changing classes and having friends in some of his classes. We went & purchased his first ever music instrument for beginning band.. Just like his daddy e will be playing the trumpet. Look forward to all the beautiful and not so beautiful sounds & music he will produce ;)

Isaiah is now the middle man on campus in elementary school.. Big bad 3rd grader now!! His teacher this year is a younger new teacher to the school district. He wasn't so sure at first but I think he is starting to like her & the 3rd grade. I always love to hear the adventures of his days at school as they are always entertaining coming from an 8 year old.

Now that the 1st week is over an now they are onto their 2nd week they will have what we missed all summer.. Homework.. NOT

Well hope everyone will school aged kiddos had awesome first days & weeks of school!!!


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