Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sweet Little Photo Swap

This is my first week starting this Sweet Little Photo Swap project. I love posting pictures and taking photos so I've got this one!! I actually do project 365 on my facebook. I love to capture those fun,wonderful memories of my family and friends to look back at later on and remember back at all those beautiful memories we all made special.

We got a free basketball hoop and it has been a real hit in our house. We just need to get a new net for it.

Mariah & water hose fun.. In Vegas keeping cool is much needed during the summers.

Took Isaiah for a yearly physical, everything came back perfect.. Healthy growing boy. (52.5 inches tall and 63lbs at 7 years old).

These 3 light up my life, they know how to make any day a happy day!

Fishy Kissy face ( Recreation center pool play date)

Daddy's Lil girl - Lunch at TGI Fridays

Unkie Alex and Mariah.. visiting from California so he likes to get in some time to visit with my 3 little ones.

Till next week....



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    I think the photos of Everday Life are the best. It really shows everyones personalities and makes for some big smiles when you look back!

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  3. How adorable! I will have to check out the Sweet Little Photo Swap... its right up my alley ;) Happy weekend to you guys! Hope you're staying cool!

  4. Yay...your doing the photo swap with me =)

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  8. Lovely pictures and great photography. Cool one.

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  10. Such great pictures! Beautiful kids!