Saturday, July 02, 2011

Summer Fun in the Sun

Summer Fun in the Vegas Sun..

Everyone knows the Vegas desert is always so hot and when I mean hot I mean over 100 degrees..

We like to enjoy the summer days with some water fun, usually with our friends with water fun play dates.

Pool fun on Thursday with my friend Alayna & her two girls... We had such a fun time.. Isaiah and Mariah are the same ages as her two so makes play dates even that much more fun when we get together.

Friday we had a play date at the park with Ashley from Lil Gerhardt's & her two little cuties. Mariah and Makenzie are about 4 months apart so it will be fun to watch these two little girls at play dates together as they grow older.

Looking forward to even more and more summer fun in the sun play dates..


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  1. This looks like a BLAST! Hope we can schedule ours soon :)