Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Stomach Buggy

So the last couple days have been hard on all five of us in our home. Some how we brought in a very unwelcome stomach flu bug, not sure where,when or how it made it's way into our home but we know for sure it can leave at any moment.

First on Sunday, Mariah woke up and started with it by vomiting for about 2 hours straight. After a few hours she seemed fine so I thought nothing of it anymore as I figured it was just from the allergies and phlegm that was sticking around from it.

Then Monday afternoon I had went and got the kids and I some happy hour drinks and snacks from Sonic. About an hour later there I was with a horrible pain in my stomach, thinking it was food poisoning but yet I was the only with it, weird. After a few hours I to was finding myself making quick trips to the bathroom (flashbacks of pregnancy). Once mine started to subside then my 7yo son Isaiah got up and was making a trip to the bathroom...then a couple hours later my 10yo son Noah was too.. It was like out of some really horrible movie or nightmare.

So  yesterday both boys stayed home from school to get better and over this flu bug. Noah was better by mid day as well as I but poor Isaiah took till mid afternoon today to finally start feeling better.

But now my husband has been hit by the nasty bug.. Hopefully once he is over it, we can say goodbyes to it because you are NO longer needed or even wanted in these parts.

Hopefully we can enjoy the summer with no sickness after this because we have suffered enough with allergies and now this bug already..



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