Sunday, June 26, 2011

Birthday Planning

I know I have 4 months to go still but we all know how time just flys by these days. 4 months will be here before we know it, like it or not. Our baby girl will be 2..yes 2 in November. Just the thought of it makes me sad. Our last baby isn't so baby anymore.

I have figured out the theme for her 2nd birthday party.. We are going to go with a Lady Bug theme. Lately she has had a little obsession for Lady Bugs.. she calls them 'Bugs". Now if she finds them in person she might not care for them as much as she does on her clothing, toys or books.

I am excited to plan her birthday. Her 1st birthday I didn't really plan it out and it was more last minute. It was a skulls theme.. Yes I know not your typical 1st birthday but it fit her perfect and us. It was cute..

Now that I have chosen I need to pick a location.. Date will be on her actual birthday since it will be a Saturday this year (yay). I would really love to do it at a park but we just never know at that time what the weather will be like here in Vegas. My sister is moving into her own place soon, hmm maybe she loves me enough to have it ha ha j/k Valerie.

Stay tuned for the birthday planning by yours truly and actually with the help of a few sites who will be featured in reviews/giveaways. If there is any other sites who would like to be featured and help my little princess have a fun 2nd party email me at (francine_gray at yahoo dot com). We will love to host a review for you!!

* If you have any cute ideas for decorations, cakes, foods, etc I would love any suggestions!



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  3. I had to double check, but yes...when my daughter turned two, we also did lady bugs! I also start planning Birthdays four to six months in advance. So your not alone there.

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  4. Hopped on ever and what cutie! My last one is seven now so I am hanging on to every little memory I can.

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    I love planning birthday parties for the kids! Good luck to you!

  7. Wow! Time sure flies :) Can't believe she's almost 2!

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