Thursday, June 02, 2011

10 Years of Marriage... Happy Anniversary!!!

10 years ago I married my high school sweetheart, my best friend, my love, my soulmate.. my everything..

I thank my husband for 10 years of wonderful memories, 3 beautiful children, everything he does for our family to have the things we have today, for the smiles he brings to my face daily, the laughs, being the best father to our children, and for loving me uncondionally.

I remember the night I met my husband back 14 years ago.. He was babysitting with a buddy of his (his friends neice/nephew). He kept playing little games to get my attention...chasing me around.. tickling me.. you name it he tried it.. He got me that night... couple more dates then we made it officaial as a couple on Febuary 14, 1997. High school sweeties...

Married Saturday June, 2nd 2001 in Las Vegas Nevada..

10 years today of marriage.. I couldn't be happier that I have found my one true love to spend not only these 10 years together but many more years to come.. Someone to grow old with, share even more beautiful memories and watch our children grow...

10 years later and this is what I am blessed with...

I must thank all the wonderful family and friends that have love and  supported us and believed in us since the begining...

I am the happiest and most luckiest girl in the world to be blessed with all I have today!!! 
Thank you hunny and I love you SO very much!!!
Always and Forever...



  1. Congratulations on your Anniversary! Enjoy the Day!