Monday, May 30, 2011

Pre- Anniversary Date Night

Thanks to my in laws for keeping the boys Saturday and over night and then my sister Valerie for babysitting Mariah while Jason and I decided to go check out the newest movie, The Hangover 2.

We don't normally get date nights with 3 kids, work, kids sports, kids or us getting sick and any other everything things in life that come up...We defiantly would love more date nights but we take what we can get and make the most of the time together. Our last movie date night was in February for my husbands 31st birthday. Our anniversary is next week, our 10th wedding anniversary actually so this was a perfect little get-a-away to celebrate early.

Here is the hubby Jason and I waiting for the movie to start...

The movie was great, so very funny and perfect for a date night with my handsome husband of almost 10 years. Afterwards we hit up the bar to get a yummy drink (Malibu & pineapple for me & a bud light for Jason) then sat at the slots for a little bit. We only lost 8 dollars together, so not to bad. Maybe next time we will make some dinero =)


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