Monday, April 18, 2011

Kansas Day 1


We made it to Dodge City,KS last night about 9pm Kansas time...We left from Nevada on Saturday about 4pm(our time) and stopped for the night in Gallup New Mexico at about midnight, so we go in about 8 hours of driving in our first day. We woke and got back on the road at about 10am Sunday morning and arrived in Dodge City at 9pm. So with the time changes and everything we pretty much drove about 18-19 hours.

Mariah did good but then not so great as well. It is hard though when you have to sit in a car seat for the long drive. Snacks and toys kept her busy most of the trip. We stopped a couple times for bathroom breaks,and of course food breaks.

Today we are just enjoying the beautiful day with family. The boys are playing with their second cousins Jake (14) and Sam (9) and having a blast.

Internet service is kind of sucky out here so I will post pictures once we get back from our trip out here. I wish I could say this trip is about fun and vacation but we do have funeral services on Wed and Thurs this week..


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