Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tax Time

So every year we all come across the what can be a stressful time or a happy exciting time..We all call Tax time... With my husband being self employed we always have that fear we may owe. Thankfully his job also comes with a lot of write off's to help us. Other things that help are our 3 adorable tax deductions, the fact I breastfed for the year and really anything work related.

This year my husband and I will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. We have yet to choose what or where we will be going but hopefully we can save a little from taxes to use on a fun little trip just us two.

I have been thinking about upgrading my dslr camera. I have a Canon Rebel now from around 2004. I love it do not get me wrong but the newer models just come with such cool features and of course higher pixels in which make photos even more clear and perfect. I love taking pictures especially of my children. So do I use some of the tax money and take the step? I always have the hardest time spending money on myself. Although this would not be just for me right? Ok well mostly but still ;)

What did you do with your taxes for yourself as a mother? I know I am not the only mother to find it hard to spend on themselves..

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  1. We paid off a few bills, but a few things for our house, and of course for Makenzie!! =)

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  3. Our home is being renovated at this time, so the moneies go towards that. I would love to upgrade my camera as well.

    Lisa xx

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  5. We're going to use our tax return to help with a down payment for a new house! It can be so hard to spend the money on something for yourself, but if you haven't had a new camera since 2004 you deserve one!! For our 10th wedding anniversary we're planning to go back to the resort where we had our honeymoon!

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