Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Proud Mama Moment

My boys are in 1st and 4th grade this school year. Last week they brought home their 1st report cards for this school year and I was very pleased with them. We had their parent/teacher conferences this morning.

Noah(4th grader) has improved so much this school year. He made A/B honor roll this trimester.We couldn't be more proud of Noah. He has been working so hard in school lately and is actually starting to enjoy it again. It does make a big difference that he is happy with his teacher and she is great with him and helping him with anything he may have trouble with. She really is awesome!! The only thing we will continue to work on is Noah's confidence. He seems to second guess himself especially in Math which leads to him usually getting things wrong when if he went with his first instinct he would have gotten it right. He really fears he is going to get things wrong. Altogether though he is right on target with all his subjects in school. *pats Noah on back for a job well done*

Isaiah(1st grader) is doing a wonderful job in 1st grade. He was almost at the top of his class in Kindergarten and he has moved up and is the same in 1st grade. He made Honor Roll for his 1st trimester this year.His teacher couldn't tell me anything more to make me more proud of him. He excels in every subject. He is at just about a 2nd grade level for reading already. His math skills are right on as well as writing. I am not exactly sure where he get these brains from ha ha. Teacher said he is an awesome student and he is what ever teacher hopes for from a student. He is the biggest helper and actually became a helper to a student that was struggling a little bit. That student made Colt of the Month because he has improved so much with help from Isaiah!!

I am SOOOO proud of my boys. They are both doing great,have awesome positive attitudes toward school and their teachers adore them. I am very thankful they were blessed with two great,loving and caring teachers this school year. I think that is very important for every student.

OK this bragging moment was brought to you by a very proud mother of two handsome little boys...

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  1. Hey you are entitled! And you must be awarded for being a great mother who made their home environment affect these boys lives positively! Great parenting!!!