Monday, September 27, 2010


Well it has been a bit crazy in the casa Gray.. A few weeks ago my husband was trying to fix something and when welding it , a spark hit the insulation in the wall in which caught on fast and messed up our whole wall in that area. We were lucky we could stop it before it did a lot more damage or was to spread. Needless to say this also sparked an idea in my hubby's head to do a whole home redo.

Our house has been such a disaster for the last week going on two weeks. Kitchen has been out of use,and family room. We re-textured the walls,painted them, and took out the carpet and put in laminate wood flooring. We went with the cheapest stuff since we do rent this from my in laws and we were paying for it all. We just wanted the carpet out with 3 little ones it was just so gross. Next is to put in all the base boards and to re finish the kitchen cabinets,put in new light fixtures in kitchen, buy some area rugs, and dust all furniture before bringing it all back in. Phew can not wait to get our house done and be back to normal again!!!

Last week my grandpa had a mild heart attack. He has Parkinson's disease so with that he has like no mobility in his body as much any more. He had fell out of bed and couldn't get back up..he got pretty bad banged up on his left side of his face. He had a stint put in which unblocked 95 percent of the blockage. Thankfully he is doing much better and is home now recovery in the comfort of his own home with my grandma.

The boys are having fun with soccer this season. I just wish the organization of the league was better. They started the seasons games two weekends ago and we have yet to get schedules of all the games to come. Even when they do tell us times and games,we get to the field and other team to play against us do not show or didn't know they had a game. They really should be a lot more organized then this especially for 85 bucks a child to play. Henderson league was even more organized even though my husband was not to happy with them as to why we moved to this league. Hopefully they get their stuff together soon.

Mariah is growing to fast. Almost 11 months, and starting to get more brave now and taking steps. I need to find her a good pair of shoes that she will wear and like. She is so smart I think for her age too. She makes car noises with the hot wheels, I swear she is saying Isaiah and so on... (will do a 11 months update on her next week).

I have been doing good. Took on a babysitting job for a friend. It is watching a little 2 almost 3 year old little girl. I do not think I remembered how much energy a 2/3 year old has. Wow she has me on my toes that is for sure. I do hope this works on for us all though because that little extra money will be nice. Makes me feel like I can help us out even if it is only like a little a week.

Just a quick little update on us.. Hope all of you are doing awesome!!!

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  1. Glad your grandpa is doing better. Im new to your blogs and look forward to following your post.

  2. Thanks for stopping by today and following (dancing) along with our blog hop!
    I'll follow back!
    Look forward to seeing you around the dance floor of The Mommy Mambo again soon!

  3. Sorry to hear about your Gpa, but I'm glad he's doing better! I'm also glad to hear that your house is coming along!