Monday, August 30, 2010

Quite the young men

My 9 year old son has grown to be quite the young man. He is almost as tall as me at only 9 years old. Noah is the more shy but talkative once he gets to know you, which can get him into trouble at times. As of today..
  1. He is in 4th grade as of today.
  2. He is about the largest shirt size in the boys section.
  3. He wears a size 8 in shoes..yes that is in MEN size
  4. He has excelled so much in reading and with his math. He loves science and art probably the most.
                                                                 Our BIG guy Noah!!

My 6 year old son is growing into quite the little man just as his big brother has. He has always been our outspoken one. Not afraid to tell you how it is. As of today he is ..
  1. Riding his bicycle without training wheels
  2. Can tie his shoes or yours if you want all on his own. He learned from pure watching others.
  3. He can read so good. His K teacher did say he was definitely at a 1st grade level but he seems so much more advanced to me lately.
                                                                   Our little guy Isaiah!

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