Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nice Long 18.5 Months (TMI)

Well since getting pregnant February 2009 and having Mariah in November 2009, then with me nursing Mariah, I have been lucky to escape the dreadful evil AF now for 18.5 months. And I will say that she was NOT missed one bit.

I had heard stories of how when you breastfeed that you will not get your menstrual period till you ween. I was really happy to hear that but also knew that with most things,everyone's bodies are different. I guess I could say that she was gone for a long time so I should be grateful that she was gone that long.

Oh course I did not miss the break out period before it actually came. Two stupid zits on my face at the moment, makes me feel like a teenager I swear. I have been having some lower back pain and pain in my hips the last couple of days as well. Guess it was my body getting ready for the return.

I knew it could not be gone forever since I am only 30 years old but hey one can only hope it would never return again.

Welcome back evil you can move on and I will see you next month and so on after that.


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  2. this made me laugh...sorry about her return must have been a nice vacation with out her