Monday, August 16, 2010

Done, Not sure Just Yet

Yes we have 3 kids already. 2 boys and 1 girl. We had said we were done after we had our two boys, but 5 years later we both got the baby fever. That is when we got pregnant with Mariah. We missed having a little baby in the house since it had been 5 years since our youngest son was a baby.

The other night Jason and I were talking and yes as of right now we are done having babies BUT we said this before so are we really done? I would hate to do something so permanent and then decide wait we want another. We are only 30 so there is plenty of time to have another if we wanted to, even though I always did say I wanted my children by 30. Seriously the only thing stopping me from even jumping on board to have another is the pregnancy part. Mariah kept me on my feet this last pregnancy. I have had 2 c sections alreadyy so I know health wise it is not safe to have more. I have known plenty to have more then 2 though.

I have always loved children. I knew I was going to be a mommy someday that is for sure growing up. I never knew I would have become one at an early age of 20 but I wouldn't change anything about how my life path has gone. A mommy by 20 and a wife by 21. Then we had our 2nd son at 23 and Mariah at 29.

I will say that I am so happy that we decided to have another because even though we thought we were complete after the boys, we so were wrong. Mariah has fulled all of our lives with so much joy and happiness. Her brother's adore her so much, as so do daddy and I.

So we shall see if three is the magic number for us or if we will even it up and go for a 4th someday. As for now just call us the Fab 5.


  1. Gotchya followed :D

    Glenn and I got together when Silas was an infant, we were only 17. Brooke was born when we were 19 and Nolan when we were almost 21. We decided it's time to take a break! (We're now 23, so we're on a roll! lol!) We thought about trying for another one but with the older 3 all close in age, I would feel bad for a younger kid.
    Alot to think least we're thinking with our brains this time. Haha! In the mean time, I have the IUD, which is good for 5 years, as soon as I get it taken out, we can try again, or I can get another one!

  2. That is one thing I fear with my DD so far apart from my boys in age. The boys are 3 years apart and are like best friends. So we shall see if we end up choosing to add another lil sibling for a closer sib to Mariah.

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