Tuesday, July 27, 2010


With our boy's you couldn't even tell they were teething, they were so easy. Never really got fussy or grumpy. I have a feeling with our daughter it might not be as easy.

I noticed today that Mariah has a little bud of her tooth coming out. It is very small but it is for sure making it's way out.

Last night she tossed and turned and had to sleep with me all night long in order to get her to sleep. I had thought maybe it was something I ate since we breastfeed.

This afternoon after seeing the little tooth piece I am pretty sure now it is due to teething. No fever thankfully, just fussy/cranky not so happy baby with the stuffy/runny nose.

Anyone use anything special for teething help? I have teething toys but I would love to purchase other things to help ease the tooth pain in any way.

I asked on twitter tonight and got many ideas. Teething tablets, mesh nets with frozen fruit, Motrin/Tylenol , ice in a baby sock. Mt favorite is the boobs but hopefully she does not bite to hard LOL.


  1. Good luck with teething! Killian is just starting to now, and ughhh it seems like nothing is helping! Very exhausting.

  2. The tooth is still not all the way out yet..Its annoying just come out already..My boys were not bad at all.

    Lets hope it gets easier.